Burton Saw and Supply

Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Acquired: December 2014
Divested: October 2021
Industry: Wood Products

While under Pfingsten’s owenership, Burton Saw and Supply, through a merger with Simonds International, was the leading producer and marketer of cutting tools, related equipment and consumable products for the wood processing industry in North America. The company sold a broad product portfolio of 88,500 SKUs to over 1,900 unique customers under the Burton, Simonds, Cut Technologies, B.G.R., Armstrong, Wright and Global Tooling brands. The company was headquartered in Fitchburg, MA, with 11 other locations strategically located in the major wood processing regions in North America.

Acquisitions and Mergers

Cut Technologies, Inc. – Penticton, BC, Canada
Global Tooling and Supply, L.L.C. – Eugene, OR
Jayrod Consulting & Sales, Ltd. – Prince George, BC, Canada
Merger with Simonds International – Fitchburg, MA

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