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Meet some exceptional executives who have led the way to growth:


Oliver was a leading provider of highly customized folding carton packaging and premium marketing collateral to a diverse customer base within the health and beauty, pharmaceutical, specialty food and beverage and consumer products end markets.

Dan Rodenbush, CEO, Oliver
Company Profile
Headquarters: Hauppauge, NY
Industry: Manufacturing
Previous Owner: Entrepreneur
Seller Re-investment: Yes
Employees: 493 (added 423 employees)
Pfingsten Value Creation:
  • Acquired four companies to diversify the customer base,expand end markets and open new geographic markets.
  • Invested over $22 million in capital equipment, IT systems and 5S initiatives
  • Implemented a professional business development team and process
  • Increased packaging as a percentage of revenue from ~25% to over 90% during our ownership period
  • Reduced top customer concentration from 35% at initial acquisition to less than 5% upon exit
Dan Rodenbush CEO, Oliver

Industrial Lighting Products

ILP manufactured energy efficient commercial and industrial lighting fixtures. The company provided LED, fluorescent and induction fixtures including high bay, wall mount, wet location fixtures, canopies, street lights, floods and other commercial and industrial lighting.

Jason Hendren, Founder & CEO, Industrial Lighting Products
Company Profile
Headquarters: Sanford, FL
Industry: Manufacturing
Previous Owner: Entrepreneur
Seller Re-investment: Yes
Employees: 253 (added 170 employees)
Pfingsten Value Creation:
  • Nearly tripled revenue through new product development, sales representative upgrades and operational initiatives
  • Expanded commercial and outdoor products, generating over $22 million in revenue
  • Expanded engineering team from one individual to a team of nine dedicated engineers
  • Greenfielded west coast facility, reducing lead times to two days and grew revenue by over $5 million
  • Directly sourced over $7 million in Asia by utilizing Pfingsten’s representative office in China
Jason Hendren Founder & CEO, Industrial Lighting Products

Arrowhead Electrical Products

Arrowhead was a distributor of non-discretionary parts and components for the mobile equipment marketplace. For over 45 years, Arrowhead distributed a broad range of rotating electrical parts and components for the outdoor power, agricultural, construction, on-highway truck, automotive, light truck, marine and power sports replacement markets.

Jim Wisnoski, CEO, Arrowhead Electrical Products
Company Profile
Headquarters: Blaine, MN
Industry: Distribution
Previous Owner: Entrepreneur
Seller Re-investment: Yes
Employees: 189 (added 149 employees)
Pfingsten Value Creation:
  • Transformed a regional distributor of starters and alternators into a global specialty distributor of non-discretionary, mission-critical aftermarket replacement parts
  • Acquired seven companies to expand and broaden product offering
  • Grew e-commerce revenue by $13 million through product line expansion
  • Utilized Pfingsten’s representative offices to establish China sourcing organization and supplier base
  • Established European footprint through add-on acquisition
Jim Wisnoski Founder & CEO, Arrowhead

Quality Valve

Quality Valve was a national distributor of OEM replacement and repair parts for safety and relief valves serving certified valve repair companies. The company utilized its significant product knowledge, industry leading selection of parts and quick-turn shipping capabilities to help customers support valve repairs and ensure safety for end-users globally.

Jody Dunn, CEO, Quality Valve
Company Profile
Headquarters: Mobile, AL
Industry: Distribution
Previous Owner: Entrepreneur
Seller Re-investment: Yes
Employees: 37 (added 22 employees)
Pfingsten Value Creation:
  • Acquired one strategic add-on investment for the company to expand into the water and wastewater markets
  • Built out national sales team
  • Significant investment in inventory to drive wallet share gains with existing and new customers
  • Launched new product categories in control valves and pump accessories, significantly increasing the company’s total addressable market size
  • Relocated and expanded the company’s headquarters
Jody Dunn CEO, Quality Valve


ZSI-Foster was a manufacturer of metal support systems, clamping systems, couplers, hose and hose assemblies. The Company served a diverse set of end markets including general industrial, fluid power, HVAC, material handling, agriculture, refrigeration and electrical ZSI-Foster sold a broad product portfolio of over 12,000 SKUs to distributors, OEMs, contractors and MRO end-users.

Rick Stepien, CEO, ZSi-Foster
Company Profile
Headquarters: Canton, MI
Industry: Manufacturing
Previous Owner: Family Office and Entrepreneur
Seller Re-investment: Yes
Employees: 162 (added 82 employees)
Pfingsten Value Creation:
  • Acquired three companies to broaden product offering and cross-selling opportunities
  • Significantly expanded the company’s sales resources and executive leadership team
  • Developed an e-commerce platform, creating a new channel to market
  • Aggressively increased industrial distributor branch penetration to drive organic growth
  • Added three new facility locations, expanding the company’s geographic footprint and ability to ship next day to all customers
Rick Stepien CEO, ZSi-Foster

Full Spectrum Group

Full Spectrum was a national, brand agnostic service provider for laboratory instrumentation, offering a full range of service contracts, preventative maintenance programs, calibration services, instrument qualification and repair services. The Company served customers in life sciences, health services, forensics, chemical and industrial, food and beverage, academia and research, and environmental end markets.

John Martin, Founder, Full Spectrum Group
Company Profile
Headquarters: Pleasanton, CA
Industry: Business Services
Previous Owner: Entrepreneur
Seller Re-investment: Yes
Employees: 155 (added 93 employees)
Pfingsten Value Creation:
  • Acquired four companies to broaden its product and service capabilities and geographic reach
  • Diversified the company’s service offerings to increase wallet share with existing and new customers
  • Redesigned company’s website to enable online parts ordering
  • Established new channels to market and an in-house sales organization
  • Built a state-of-the-art training and development center for existing and new field service engineers
John Martin Founder, Full Spectrum Group

Pfingsten is the Pre-eminent Private Equity Partner for Growth-Oriented Entrepreneurs.

Pfingsten is the Pre-eminent Private Equity Partner for Growth-Oriented Entrepreneurs

We know that selling your business is a significant decision and that there are many factors to consider beyond just purchase price. Whom you choose as a partner not only impacts your legacy, but family members, employees, customers, suppliers and local communities.

Whether you are looking to sell 100% of your company or want to retain an ownership stake, our investment team will take a personal, flexible, and responsible approach to tailor a transaction that meets your needs. Every investment is supported by a conservative capital structure, operating resources, and global capabilities to accelerate growth and profitability. Approximately 90% of our investments are in entrepreneur and family-owned companies. While not a requirement, nearly 85% of our entrepreneur sellers invest alongside Pfingsten.


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