Full Spectrum

Laguna Hills, California
Acquired: February 2019
Divested: November 2022
Industry: Laboratory Instrument Repair and Maintenance Services

While under Pfingsten’s ownership, Full Spectrum was a national provider of highly specialized maintenance and repair services for critical laboratory assets, including high-end liquid and gas chromatography, mass spectroscopy and thermal equipment. Full Spectrum offered a full range of service contracts, preventative maintenance programs, calibration and validation, repair services, parts and reconditioned instruments to a variety of end markets, including life sciences, health services, forensics, chemical and industrial. Full Spectrum was headquartered in Laguna Hills, CA with 20 additional locations across the U.S.


Third Party Service Division of Pion Inc. – Benson, NC
Cascade Thermal Solutions, Inc. – El Cajon, CA
Analytical Maintenance Services, Inc. – Boca Raton, FL
Lab Services Division of Sequence, Inc. – Morrisville, NC


Full Spectrum Group

Full Spectrum was a national, brand agnostic service provider for laboratory instrumentation, offering a full range of service contracts, preventative maintenance programs, calibration services, instrument qualification and repair services. The Company served customers in life sciences, health services, forensics, chemical and industrial, food and beverage, academia and research, and environmental end markets.

John Martin, Founder, Full Spectrum Group
Company Profile
Headquarters: Pleasanton, CA
Industry: Business Services
Previous Owner: Entrepreneur
Seller Re-investment: Yes
Employees: 155 (added 93 employees)
Pfingsten Value Creation:
  • Acquired four companies to broaden its product and service capabilities and geographic reach
  • Diversified the company’s service offerings to increase wallet share with existing and new customers
  • Redesigned company’s website to enable online parts ordering
  • Established new channels to market and an in-house sales organization
  • Built a state-of-the-art training and development center for existing and new field service engineers
John Martin Founder, Full Spectrum Group